RBV in the Press

RainbowVision Properties,Inc. is seeking groups wishing to develop senior communities to meet the needs of progressive values and mission driven populations of diversity. These communities would include green sustainability, affordable senior living, and those that may be non-mainstream and spiritually-based.

RainbowVision Santa Fe, Your Community for the Second Fifty Years, opened in 2006. Its model was one of individual ownership and so encountered all the challenges of the crash of the mortgage and real estate markets that led to the fall of the global economy. The RainbowVision community developed in Santa Fe was an extremely progressive model for senior living, and shared the many operating and financial challenges experienced by other independently owned communities in the United States. We initially hoped to have 14-21 communities out of the ground so that operating costs could be kept reasonable. RainbowVision Palm Springs, our second projected community based on the individual ownership model, halted development in 2007 due to unavailability of construction financing. Southern California was among the first states to experience the severe fallout of the economic crisis.

Over forty projects in the United States and at least ten in Europe, Australia and South Africa attempted to open a community targeting populations of diversity like the one RainbowVision Properties developed and operated for five years in Santa Fe, New Mexico. RainbowVision Properties was the only company to achieve this lofty goal, and continues to work with its Canadian partner, Plum Living to develop RainbowVision Vancouver, BC.

With over 14 years of experience in the toughest economic environment since the Depression, RainbowVision Properties, Inc., is uniquely positioned to work with non-mainstream or niche populations for creating out-of-the-box senior living models.

For help with concept creation, financing consultancy, development and/or management for progressive senior living, talk to us.

We want to help.

Joy Silver, President/CEO